Digital marketing maker, photographer

Digital marketing is a craft. I have worked hands on with it’s different diciplines for more than 10 years, helping companies get results from Google Ads, paid social, SEO and display advertising. My straightforward and practical approach helps clients to be productive, make smart choices and get results. 

Strategic mindset
& practicall skills

Strategic mindset
& practicall skills

Making digital marketing effective requires practicall skills. Also, you need to get the big picture in order to make right choices. Having worked with many different industries and business models for the past 10+ years helps me to get going with various business cases fast.

Ask me anything
about digital marketing

Ask me anything about digital marketing

Do you need practical help or support with developing your digital marketing activities? Contact me: I can definitely help you either directly by myself or by teaming up with the right partner.

What I have done before

Over 1M € monthly ecommerce revenue by paid search

I managed paid search advertising for one of the biggest ecommerce operations in Finland. During that time paid search produced at best over 1 million € monthly revenue with media spend of 100 000 €.

Effective social media marketing for real estate agency chain

I helped a real estate agency chain build an effective system for social media advertising. It helped them reach growing number of homeowners more effectively and collect 52 % more leads (YoY) than before. 

Helping in-house team work smoother and faster

I used’s tools to build a semi-automatic campaign setup for a client’s ecommerce team. It enabled the performance marketing team to save time in campaign creation and reduced their graphic designers’ workload in ad creative production.


“Teamwork makes the dream work” 


“Teamwork makes the dream work” 

Growth mindset: Growth does not always mean more money. Growth mindset means that you are always able to find opportunities and a way forward. Either one step at a time or by taking bigger leaps when possible. 

As a value growth mindset also means being focused on solutions and being a pragmatic optimist

Helping others: Success is always shared, and a result of co-operation. Big achievements are not done by one person alone. Helping the team, colleague and client is a value in itself. Regardless of your role, there’s always someone you can help succeed. 

Openness: Being open and honest about things makes co-operation better. It’s always* good to communicate openly whenever you can. Being open increases trust and reduces doubt.  *) Obviously communicate openly considering law, contracts, privacy of others and good manners

What others have said about me

” Julius is a wonderful colleague. He is always eager to develop the working enviroment and has great ideas on how to make the projects flow more fluently.

He is empathic and one can talk with him about anything. He gets excited about learning new things and lets everyone know what new there is to be learned. He has taught me a lot.

He knows his ways around social media and has a great strategic mindset. And have you seen the photos he takes? ”

” Julius is creative, highly-skilled and very caring person. He constantly brings in new ideas, and challenges the status quo in a positive manner. I have really enjoyed working with Julius, and I think having Julius in the team makes a huge difference. “

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