Broken Sauna in Finland

Finns love saunas by the lake. Once upon a time someone built their dream sauna. But then time went by and something unfortunate happened and the sauna was left to deal with harsh Finnish winters all alone. So the famous crooked Sauna of Finland was created.

Sauna death match the Finnish style

Did you know that Finland is called the country of thousands of lakes? At least Finns themselves like to call it that. So Finns love their lakes. And did you know what is the biggest stereotype of Finns? Correct. They like to throw away their clothes and hang out in a boiling hot, steamy room that is called a sauna. If you have been in a sauna outside of Finland, you probably haven?t experienced the real deal. The Finnish sauna is such a real deal, that once a Russian guy and a Finnish guy held a sauna battle and tried to see who could stay inside longer. The Russian guy literally died.

Story of the broken sauna of Finland

But you don?t always have sauna-staying battles that would make average Navy SEAL cry for mommy. Sometimes you just want to build your sauna by one of the thousands of likes and chill. And did you know that through the decades “sauna and chill” was equivalent of Netflix and chill today?

So it?s not a big surprise that once upon a time there was someone who decided to build their dream sauna. And because it was neccessary to one-up the neighbors it wasn?t enough to build the sauna by the lake. It had to be done IN the lake! So this today totally unknown person built this sauna that stood in the middle of the lake in the end of a boardwalk.

But then something bad happened, time went by and the sauna was left in the mercy of harsh Finnish winters. Eventually the sauna became crooked as the foundation crumbled in the lake. It was not to be used ever again.

The famous lake Tampaja sauna

Today this sauna can be found in the lake Tampaja in Kirkkonummi, about 45 min drive from Helsinki. There is a nice little public beach right by it. It?s a bit of a secret spot so even during the hottest time of the summer there weren?t too many people there. Highly recommended for swimming! Going to sauna? Not so much.

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This is the broken sauna on the map: