It does get dark in Finland. During winter time the sun never really rises for several months in the north, and usually the southern parts of the country get dark quite early in the afternoon. Grey is the colour that surrounds everytihing. Unfortunately with snow it only gets slightly better. Usually it?s just cloudy and grey. Like arabs have many words for a camel, and inuits have as many for snow, Finns literally have 50 shades for gray. (Finns have quite a few words for snow too.)

But do you wonder what is the building in the picture? No, it?s not an alien space ship or local Illuminati headquarter. It?s just an ordinary church that was built like this in the 60s. It?s a landmark of a small town called Hyvink?? less than 100km north from Helsinki.

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This is the Hyvink?? church on map: