Pandju islet, Tallinn bay, Estonia

Pandju islet, Tallinn bay, Estonia

This is Pandju islet in the Tallinn Bay, Estonia. It?s a small island which is, as you see, connected to shore by a narrow strech of land that is baerly above water. At least during low tide. (Tides aren?t that dramatic in Baltic Sea.)

You can find this place in Viimsi, a neighboring municipality to Tallinn, the Estonian capital. If you arrive to Tallinn by a ferry, Viimsi peninsula is the strech of land that you?ll see on your left when looking towards the city?s skyline from the deck. It?s about 20 kilometers or so from the downtown; for example a relaxing bike ride away. The Viimsi peninsula and the road leading to the very end of it is highly recommended to see if you spend some time in Tallinn. You?ll see the city skyline across the bay and will discover several public beaches, restaurants and for example the Viimsi open air museum displaying ways Estonians used to live in the past.

When you get to the Pandju saar, however, it?s worth remembering that it?s a bird sanctuary. Many species nest there so going all the way to the island is not allowed most of the spring and summer. (There is a large sign displaying all the bird species found on the island and specifying the dates there, so you can?t miss that info.)

After seeing the island and what else Viimsi peninsula has to offer I reccommend to heading to restaurant Paat (The Boat) or OKO, restaurant situated on the Viimsi Beach, which is a great public beach.

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This is Pandju island on the map: