Have you seen pictures and videos of this weird place where a ruined concrete building appears to be suddenly swallowed by a exceptionally blue lake? It’s the Rummu quarry, and yes, it is as amazing as it looks. Read more to find out more about it!

A prison and a limestone quarry

Originally there was a prison. Most of it still stands there abandoned. Prison inmates were used as workforce to dig out Limestone. Estonian coast is famous for it’s limestone cliffs and and it is basically everywhere under the soil over there. Many things have been constructed of it in Estonia.

During Soviet regime inmates were forced to dig out the limestone. Eventually they hit ground water that started flooding the place. When the quarry was fully operational they pumped out the water. But as Soviet union collapsed and Estonian society re-organized itself, the limestone quarry was not actively used anymore. So the groundwater continued flooding the place, eventually forming a lake.

Today the lake hides ruined prison facilities that partially rise above the water. Because it’s groundwater, the lake is incredibly clear! You are allowed to swim there, but doing those jumps from the structures is not advised, because a lot of concrete, steel and barbed wire is hiding below the surface.

Huge sand mountains

When you dig, you have to put the sand and soil somewhere. In Rummu they piled the excess material into huge sand mountains. Eventually vegetation started to form on them and rain started shaping them with real mountain-like couloirs running down the slopes. Today you can climb them and admire the area from above.

Enter for a 3 € fee

Originally Rummu was just a well-kept local secret. People came and went as they liked, entering the area through fallen prison walls. Rummu started gaining popularity when people started posting pictures and videos to social media. There are some incredible compilations of people diving, swimming and doing crazy (and dangerous) jumps to the lake from ruined prison structures.

Eventually the owner of the area started getting nervous about so many people just randomly going crazy in the potentially dangerous area. So they set up fences, guarding and some facilities, established opening hours and started officially accepting people to the property. Today you can enter the area for a 3 # fee! (For adults, kids are for free.) Check out details from rummu.eu

Swimming, diving, paddle boarding and parties

Today Rummu quarry, or Adventure Center as they call it, allows you not only to admire the view and climb the sand mountains, but also to chill out in a cafe, rent paddle boards, dive, swim or attend concerts and parties that are regularly organized there.

How to get there

Rummu is about 45 min drive away from Tallinn, close to a small town called Keila. Public transportation is also available and should take about 1,5 hours.
Check the map below for details!

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This is Rummu quarry on a map: