Kustaanmiekka is actually the southernmost island of a group of islans that form the Suomenlinna sea fortress. Most part of the Suomenlinna fortifications are located on the Kustaanmiekka island. The name Kustaanmiekka commonly refers to the 81 meters wide strait between Kustaanmiekka island and the neighboring Susisaari island.

What?s special about Kustaanmiekka strait is that it?s the only way for large ships to enter the South Harbor in Helsinki. They have to navigate through the onle 81 meters wide passage in any kind of weather. That does not leave much margin for error!

Looking from the Suomenlinna fortifications the large cruise ships seem to barely making it through the strait without scratching it?s sides to the rocks. And if you ever arrive to Helsinki from Estonia or Sweden on a ferry, make sure to look out forward when entering the strait. From upped decks of a ferry it does look thrilling to head straight for this narrow passage that looks pretty much impossible fit.

But here, in this photo, shot in the summer of 2018 it?s only a small boat that casually cruises through the strait.

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This is Kustaanmiekka strait on the map: