Lake Galltr?sk

Lake Galltr?sk in Kauniainen, southern Finland

This is lake Galltr?sk in Kauniainen, southern Finland. Finland is said to be a “country of thousands of lakes”. I think there are some tens of thousands of them.

Also, this photo might look like it?s from real wilderness. But actually it?s right close to the center of biggest metropolitan area in Finland. Kauniainen is a small town of 9 000 people only 15 min train ride away from Helsinki downtown.

And this is what Finland is like: there are trees and lakes everywhere. When you have a spare piece of land, it?s covered in tall trees. And Kauniainen is a special kind of town itself. It takes pride in preserving what is called a “garden town”. And this lake is the recreational center of Kauniainen. A wide trail goes around it, there?s a childrens? playground only like 20 meters from the lake, there are 3 small piers in it so people can hang out close to the water.

One of those piers can be seen in the picture. And the hut? What is that? It belongs to local sailing club. You see, they have a “little league for sailing” there. Young sailors routinely practice their sailing skills in these miniature sailboats in the lake. That hut is basically their base, their boats being stacked right behind it.

This fall this lake has become a quite popular photo opportunity, so if you take it to Instagram and search hashtags like #Visitfinland or #Discoverfinland, you?re likely to find many pictures from lake Galltr?sk in Kauniainen.

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This is lake Galltr?sk on the map: