London phone booth with WiFi

Modern classic: London phone booth with WifI

Red phone booths, or telephone boxes, are a classic sight in London and all over former British empire. But what are they needed for today, when everyone and their grandmother has smartphones of their own? Well, London seems to have come up with an idea: telephone boxes with WiFi!

Sometimes things move fast. Being from Finland looking for WiFi access for your phone is a thing of the past: Finland is the leading society in mobile data usage and pretty much everyone (and their grandmother) has unlimited data plan and fast 4G network. There is absolutely no need to look for WiFi when you?re on the go.

Being used to the Finnish way of using your phone?s data connection with no regard whatsoever to availability or costs, when you arrive to London you?ll soon realise things are a bit different. Mobile connection is simply not always available and often cutts off. So if you really need to get something done, a WiFi phone box might come in handy.

Why aren?t these red (they?re black), I have no idea…

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