Dear photographers and all content creators, aren?t you tired of making your photos perfect on your computer and having to email or Airdrop them to yourself before posting them to Instagram on your phone? Me too.

I?ve used an app called Buffer before, but then resorted just to emailing photos to myself and opening them on my phone. Whatever the case, I needed to pick up the phone, load photos, write captions and hashtages etc. on the phone. Let?s face it, an iPhone is not the best device for writing longer texts. But sometimes you need to write proper captions, hashtags etc.

Don?t you wish Instagram allowed you to just post from your computer? But it doesn?t.

Well, officially it doesn?t have that functionality on a computer, but there?s a super easy workaround. See, you jusst gotta do this:

(It works at least with Chrome)

  1. Open the Developer Tools

    In Chrome you can find it from the menu in the upper right corner, in More Tools submenu. See the screenshot below.


2. Change the view to Mobile??

There?s a tiny icon in Developer tools that let?s you view any website as a mobile version. Click it and Instagram magically turns into exactly way the IG app is!?If the Instagram bottom menu doesn?t show up,?just reload the page?and it should be there.


See for yourself: This is how it looks in Chrome mobile mode:

3. Make a post exactly like you would on your Instagram app


4.?All good! Your post is done and published, all in your browser


Did you find this post useful? Does this way of posting work for you? Let me know on Instagram. Here is my Instagram profile.?