Sunset in Neeme, Estonia

Sunset in Neeme peninsula in Estonia. You can see old, defunct soviet-era lighthouse in the foreground

Neeme is a small-ish peninsula some 40 kilometers from Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. How did I discover this beautiful place?
I spend quite a bit of time in Estonia with my family. This time we were there on a summer vacation. My method of finding new interesting places is simple: by going to Instagram and checking out what kind of places people shoot photos at and looking up interesting places on the map. That?s exactly how I found there.

When you arrive in Neeme, just drive as much towards the cape as you can. Eventually you?ll hit the dead end next to some family houses where you can park your car. (Neeme is quite remote, I dont?t think you can get there by public transportation.)? The Baltic sea and the cape are just behind a small forrest.

The shore in Neeme is rocky, with stones rendered round and smooth by being exposed to constant waves. When you walk towards the end, you?ll see the old soviet era lighthouse sticking out. Besides that the end of the Neeme cape (Neeme literally means a cape in English) has a ruined, old soviet guardpost; a watchtower and a concrete box that must have served as housing for the Soviet border guards stationed there.

The sad thing is, during dark Soviet years you couldn?t access this beautiful place; Soviet union wanted to make sure no-one left. So in Estonia all coastal areas were mostly off limits for local population and if you happened to live there, you needed a thorough bureaucratic process to obtain a permit. I?m glad things have changed since and everyone has freedom to visit this place if they like.

This photo is shot with my Mavic Pro -drone.

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This is Neeme, Estonia on a map: