Finnish archipelago in eastern part of Gulf of Finland

View to the Finnish archipelago in the eastern part of Gulf of Finland.

The Finnish archipelago is the largest in the world: there are hundreds of islands from the Russian border up to the very end of Gulf of Bothnia. All in the Finnish coastline of the Baltic Sea. The archipelago and sea are great part of the Finnish identity and culture.

This photo is taken in the very eastern part of Finland. The bridge below connects a island called Py?tsaari to the mainland only like 10 meters away. Py?tsaari island is located about 170 kilometers east from Helsinki, next to a town called Hamina. Only about 20 kilometers from the Russian border.

To get here you will drive abou 20 minutes on a historic road called “The King?s Road”. The name comes from the historic fact that the Swedish king used to take that road all the way from Turku (west) to the town of Vyborg (east, annexed by Russia in WWII). The road has been left in it?s original winding shape that is supposed to follow the path of the original road that was created centuries ago. The King?s Road, like the whole archipelago spans the whole Finnish coastline from east to west.

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This is Py?tsaari on the map: