The Muscular Monkey of Helsinki

This is the famous muscular monkey of Helsinki, Finland.

In 2019 certain monkey, a white faced saki to be more precise, gained international fame. The monkey got famous because a visitor to Helsinki Zoo, Korkeasaari, noticed that in a photo the monkey looked incredibly muscular. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger but bigger. So I had to see for myself what The Daily Mail, The Mirror, Unilad and The Fox News were so excited about.

If you want to see the incredible muscular monkey the first thing you need to do is to travel to Helsinki. Once there you need to find your way to the Helsinki Zoo (Korkeasaari, as the locals call it), there look up the tropical house that includes all sorts of creatures from humid jungle environment. It is located roughly in the middle of the island. (Helsinki Zoo is located on an island)

There you?ll encounter the gang of white faced sakis hanging from the branches in their tall cage that resembles a loft apartment. I hope you?re lucky and can get a glimpse of the most muscular monkey on earth, because the makis have a backstage where they can rest before flexing their muscles to zoo visitors.

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This is the Helsinki Zoo on the map: