Digital marketing agent in Helsinki, Finland

I wanted to write “digital marketing agency” in the headline, but “agent” describes me, an experienced digital performance marketing freelancer better.  I have worked hands on for more than 10 years, helping businesses get results from Google Ads, paid social, SEO and display advertising. My straightforward and practical approach helps clients to be productive, make smart choices and get results. 

Want to enter the Finnish market? I can help you.

Ask me anything
about digital marketing in Finland

Ask me anything about digital marketing in Finland

Do you need someone to plan & run your digital marketing in Finland? Contact me: I can help you directly and by teaming up with right partners.

What I have done before

Over 1M € monthly ecommerce revenue by paid search

I managed paid search advertising for one of the biggest ecommerce operations in Finland. During that time paid search produced at best over 1 million € monthly revenue with media spend of 100 000 €.

Effective social media marketing for real estate agency chain

I helped a real estate agency chain build an effective system for social media advertising. It helped them reach growing number of homeowners more effectively and collect 52 % more leads (YoY) than before. 

Helping in-house team work smoother and faster

I used’s tools to build a semi-automatic campaign setup for a client’s ecommerce team. It enabled the performance marketing team to save time in campaign creation and reduced their graphic designers’ workload in ad creative production.

I have worked for dozens of clients in various industries from large ecommerce businesses and B2B companies to startups.

Services I provide in digital marketing

I can directly provide planning & managing most of the performance marketing activities. For certain technical and production tasks I will partner up with skilled people in my wide network of contacts.

Digital advertising & more

  • Google Ads
  • Advertising on Meta (Facebook & IG)
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Hubspot

Strategy & planning

  • Digital market research (keywords, competition, SEO)
  • Digital marketing strategy (target groups, channels, content & goals)
  • Content plans (based on search & competition research)

About my company Propeller Helsinki

Photography services

I provide also photography services, specializing in aerial photography. Most of my clients come from construction & real estate industries. 


Founded in 2022

After working in several of the best marketing agencies in Finland for 10 years I started my own company in January 2022.

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Call me at +358 40 186 5278 or email

+358 40 186 5278
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VAT ID: FI32673875

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